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What is Transitive?

Transitive is an open-source framework for full-stack robotics. It is designed to make it easy to create capabilities that seamlessly connect robot, cloud, and web front-ends including a dynamically updating shared data model. It offers solutions to many problems developers encounter when building full-stack robotic applications, including unreliable networks, robots that are regularly offline or turned off, as well as cross-device version dependencies.

Key Features

  1. Data synchronization between robot, cloud, and UI ("MQTTSync")
    • Transparent and efficient data-sharing without the need for APIs
    • Reactively re-render UI elements when data on a robot changes
  2. Full-stack package management
    • Notion of packages ("capabilities") that provides encapsulation and allows sharing with third-parties
    • Deployment mechanism incl. over-the-air auto-updates
    • Handles cross-device version dependencies
    • Sandboxing of capabilities, both on robot and in the cloud
    • UI component abstraction
      • Using Web Components
      • Easy to embed in other web applications
      • Easy to embed in React, Angular, etc.
  3. Authentication and authorization
    • For robots in the fleet
    • For web application users
    • For third-party apps