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Open-core, Full-stack Robotic Software Capabilities

Build and scale your robotics applications faster and cheaper with end-to-end software capabilities that easily integrate with your existing web applications. Demo

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Robotics is hard, software is key

Robotics is challenging due to the need for custom software development. ROS and ROS2 accelerate software development on the robot, but a broader range of software is required for successful implementation, operation, and growth of a fleet, including: devops, fleet management, admin tools, infrastructure integrations, computer vision and ML, and social navigation behaviors. These capabilities span multiple systems such as robots, cloud, user-interfaces, and on-prem servers. No commercial-off-the-shelf or open-source components exist for this software due to the lack of a standard platform for development and sharing.

End-to-end capabilities

Transitive Robotics offers software capabilities to improve and streamline your solution. The platform runs parallel to your application stack and connects at only two points: robots and web applications. Integration is simple, with a sandboxed agent installed on robots and HTML snippets added to web apps. Easily add capabilities from our Cap Store, with each being end-to-end and fully functional, such as the video-streaming capability which handles all back-end logic and rendering in user's browsers

Focus on your unique selling points

Health monitoring, low-latency video streaming, etc. are important but won't distinguish you from competition. To succeed, focus on your differentiation. Outsource other needs to Transitive for optimal solutions, faster growth, lower cost, or higher quality.

Transitive differs from other fleet management solutions

Existing fleet management platforms limit your options to either using their platform or building your own, with no middle-ground. Transitive is open-core and offers priced, individual capabilities that can be integrated into your own solution. This gives you full control and saves money, as you only pay for what you need.
Icon credits: delivery robot by iconcheese, industrial robot by Dooder, dashboard by LAFS, and drone by Soremba from The Noun Project.