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Supported Platforms

  • OS:
    • Ubuntu 18.04 and higher
  • ROS:
    • The Transitive agent does not require ROS to be installed, but some capabilities require it for operation. Most of them work with both ROS 1 and ROS 2.
  • Hardware architectures:
    • x86_64 (Intel, AMD), and
    • arm64 (e.g., NVIDIA Jetson).


Make sure the build-essential package is installed as it is required by some capabilities:

sudo apt-get install build-essential

All other requirements are installed locally in ~/.transitive by the capabilities themselves.

Note also that the agent runs a local MQTT broker on port 1883 and hence needs that port to be available.


Please see instructions for installing in a docker container.

Virtual environments

When testing in virtual environments, make sure a complete Ubuntu environment is available including:

  • systemd, used for starting capabilities in a user service,
  • loginctl, used to enable user services to start without logging in,
  • apt, used for download dependencies, which are unpacked locally, and
  • curl, used for downloading the Transitive Robotics agent, and
  • lsb-release and gnupg.

A great way to test Transitive is by using lxd containers.


Note that sudo is not required. So you can also just test as an unpriviledged user directly on your development machine if you prefer. Also see the section on Security.